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Dobbs in red

Because of the construction techniques (seams on the outside) and the softness of the fabric these coats never rub, which make them ideal for older or ill dogs that may need to wear a coat more often, dogs with thin or delicate skin or show dogs.   They fit easily under a harness or another coat (for the really cool dog).  They are extremely durable and go in the washer and dryer at any temperature.

They are T-shirt styled, going on over the head, keeping the chest completely covered.  They are available in male and female styles.  The male coat is cut back to prevent being urinated on and the female coat covers the stomach.

Unlike knit sweaters fleece does not easily catch on nails, branches or fences and snag.

Colors offered will change periodically, however if  you have a color preference that is not shown, please contact us and we will check for availability.

If you would like to have a length adjustment made, after choosing your color, size and style click on the Custom Adjustment tab and make your choice.

 Coat Size Chart